Make Your Own Photoshop ACTION

I love ACTIONS!  You record a series of steps in Photoshop and then save it to use again and again at the touch of a button.  Let’s try one.

We are going to make a very simple double mat for a print.  I’m using the same image as the Vignette post to give you another idea of how to “finish” your images.

1. Open an image. Crop image to 8″x12″ for this example.  Larger or smaller images might need some adjustment in the mat size.

2. Using the Eyedropper, pick a nice color from your picture for the outer mat layer.

3. Window > Actions will show you the Actions palette

4. Create new action by clicking on the bent paper icon next to the trash can on the Actions palette and name your action. Let’s call this one “Double Mat”. Hit RECORD.

5. Image > Canvas Size > enter 2″ in Width and Height and White in the Canvas Extention Color.

6. Image > Canvas Size > 3″ in Width and Height and Foreground (for the color you picked earlier)  in Canvas Extension Color.


Now open another image.. highlight Double Mat on your Actions palette and hit Play.  This is not a sophisticated mat setup, but will show you how to set up and use an Action.

Have fun!

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