I have this nifty new little printer, a Brother LC61.  I got it for simple document printing but it actually does a super job on color printing and has a Scan option. My old scanner, which I haven’t used it years, can no longer be updated with drivers as it is about 20 years old.

I had some tulips that were truly on their last legs and thought they might compress in a nice way. I was pleasantly surprised by the shiny colors that came out of this little machine.

With flowers you do need to be gentle of course… and pollen spills everywhere, lol… but worth the process.  The white background shows some grey areas so I cleaned those up with Levels… or you can select the background only and fill with white.



On the second image, I then added a Texture overlay set on Darken in Photoshop blend modes. That way it only shows in the white area.

I can see lots more fun with this technique in the days ahead!

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