What is it?


I pulled this flower from its little glass vase this afternoon to toss in the trash… but it seemed so harsh.. it still had beautiful lines and a dignity with its bold purple color. The yellow pollen and graceful petals were just asking to be photographed one last time.  (you can see previous images in the last post a few days ago).

Not sure why this particular flower had such an impact on me, but I have one idea.  I send lots of greeting cards as many of you know. Last week I sent one to my aunt who is 93 and another to a very dear friend of our family who will be 101 in June.  Each sent me a lovely note and the 100 year old proudly sent me a current photo with her note. I have it in my kitchen and can still see the youthful person I have known most of my life.  By the way, she has no real health problems, still lives alone and has a happy life.

Perhaps this flower, so vibrant just a few days ago, reminded me of our own existance and how we too can be proud of our appearance and place in life no matter how old we are and how many age spots we acquire!

Enjoy the beauty of this mature flower!


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