Foregrounds and Backgrounds


I found this beautiful white azalea at the Sarah P Duke Gardens in Durham, NC this week.  It was off the beaten path and had lots of other blooms around it.  So I moved around until I saw a group of other white azaleas in front of it… and nice warm light behind it.  Foregrounds and backgrounds are always an important consideration in photography, but especially in macro proper choices can help emphasize your subject.  And of course, if everything is sharp that can be very distracting!

4 thoughts on “Foregrounds and Backgrounds

  1. Casey,

    Thank you for following my posts and your kind comments. I used to go out to shoot and look for a nice flower or other macro subject and hope to blur the background enough to set it apart. But after some years of practice and continual learning, I take a more proactive look at things.. and search out backgrounds that accent the subject, not just trying to hide the background! It makes it more of an adventure.. not always possible but rewarding to have the nice combination.

  2. Susan, just wanted to say that I really enjoy receiving your blogs. You take some wonderful shots and have some great ideas and I will be trying some of them out in the future. (though I doubt with the same results).


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