Cape Fear Botanical Gardens

I heard of the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens a couple of years ago but didn’t think there was much there.. certainly not enough to make the trip to Fayetteville.  Then two of our CNPA members mentioned it  recently and said what a great place it was.  So, today I ventured down there with a friend and we had a great time. They have a Visitor Center that is about a year old… absolutely beautiful building and ready for weddings and special events.

Since the concept of a botanical garden started in 1989, “Cape Fear Botanical Garden has flourished.  Today, over twenty years later, the Garden encompasses 77 acres of pine and hardwood forest, and boasts meticulously preserved natural areas of the region’s indigenous plants, trees and wildlife.  The cultivated garden areas showcase more than 2,000 varieties of ornamental plants, and include our renowned Daylily, Camellia and Hosta gardens.”

The Heritage Garden includes an old homestead, Smoke House and other interesting buildings.  It also has a large vegetable garden.

Take time to check it out… well worth the visit!

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