Water Fountain Processing

I found an old water fountain this weekend with all kinds of neat colors in the mineral deposits. Had great fun playing around with the composition. The lip of the basin is seen blured in the lower left. Circular subjects can sometimes be challenging as the corners often have distracting elements.

The RAW file is shown below… flat in contrast and color.  A RAW file needs processing!  I used Curves in Photoshop to add contrast and added Vibrance.

Vibrance:  Vibrance changes the saturation of all lower-saturated colors with less effect on the higher-saturated colors.  This minimizes clipping as colors approach full saturation.  Vibrance also prevents skin tones from becoming oversaturated. In this image the darker gray colors would have gotten more muddy with Saturation.

Then I opened NIK’s Color Efex Pro 4 and added Detail Extractor to give sharpness to the texutred areas of mineral deposits.

Then I used the NIK Color Efex Pro 4 Reflector > Soft Gold > and clicked on Brush to just brush in the gold on the drain hole ringed area.

Original Image:

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