Way Too Much FUN!

I had so much fun today.  Started off at Raulston Arboretum wanting to get some shots with my Canon 100-400mm and the Canon 500D diopter close up filter.  I started with some nice closeup shots in the garden,  but the rain started and I went for the building. There was a great bunch of flowers ready for retirement (so to speak) and I took them outside under the shelter and began shooting just as they were, doing lots of fun abstracts.

I was at that one spot for at least an hour I figure having so much fun exploring all the color combinations.

The 500D diopter allows you to focus very close or give very nice abstracts.  Enjoy the color on this rainy day!  It is currently out of stock, but normally sells for $220 according to the Canon website. This is extremely high quality glass and I have not found any problem with sharpness when I’m going for sharpness unlike most of these images.

Sometimes it’s all about the color!

5 thoughts on “Way Too Much FUN!

  1. Love the Purple/Yellow/Green! I appreciate your taking the time to judge at the WFCC meeting last night. I found your comments to be very constructive. Look forward to your class in June 🙂

    • Hi Nancy, you have such a nice group and I have enjoyed being part of your meetings. We will have a great time in June at the workshop. See you there!

  2. I have a 500 too, but haven’t used it properly yet. Took it to Mike Moats macro class and he helped me with it but seemed disappointed that I did not have a true macro lens. I’ll bring it to the macro class along with my extension tubes.

    • You can use the 500D on any lens… not particularly for macro lenses actually. On a wide angle, it gives you a lensbaby look… on longer lenses really soft abstracts. I think you’ll love using it!

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