A Cove in Maine

I am a Distributor for Send Out Cards and use my own photographs for all the cards. You can also use their premade cards which are great too.  They print, stamp and mail from their center in Utah.  It’s a fabulous system but more on that in another blog.   So, today I had 4 cards to send and popped into Lightroom for some new images to use.

Several years ago I made a trip to northern Maine and found this wonderful quiet cove.  After scouting around I settled on this spot and couldn’t wait to see the result.  The unprocessed RAW image was pretty flat and boring as you can see below.  At the time I tried lots of things and never brought back the vibrance of the scene as I wanted.

Today I opened Topaz Adjust 5 through Fusion (free download from Topaz that brings their software into Lightroom for editing) and the most recent settings in Vibrant mode took this image way beyond my expectations. It almost has an island look to me and, although not quite how it was… I love it!

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