Daylily Season

The daylillies are in great abundance now in Raleigh… the nurseries, Jaycee Park and everywhere you look.  There are so many beautiful varieties and it’s fun trying to do something a little different with them.  Generally they grow in bunches and it can be difficult to isolate one. This frilly daylily allowed me to get in close and capture the yellows and greens with a rim of yellow just showing on the left side.

The background can also be challenging, but this yellow daylily had a purple groundcover growing at its base… a nice accent. I used a plamp to pull this one away from others and stabilize it too.

And the day wouldn’t be complete without an abstract. I loved these colors with early morning glistening dew.

4 thoughts on “Daylily Season

  1. Thanks Paul… the aperture was f/9 wih my Tamron 180mm macro focused tightly on the pistils.. may have used the NIK Color Efex 4 Detail Extractor but I don’t think so.

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