Creating Compatible Backgrounds

Adding textured backgrounds with layers in Photoshop has become very popular and I enjoy creating art with this technique. However, sometimes I want to emphasize the colors and patterns of color more than the texture. I photographed these beautiful gladiolas this morning against a fabric background. (original below)

Then I created an overlay to use as a background with compatible colors. What better way than to use the original flowers to make the background?  I took the gladiolas (orange, yellow and white) and just swirled them in front of the lens (Tamron 90mm macro) while using a slow shutter speed (f/22 @1/3 second). It took a few shots to get a nice blur of those colors.

In Photoshop using the Original photograph, I selected the background (saved the selection under the Select menu) and cut those pixels. Of course if this technique is your plan when shooting the flowers just photograph them against white for easiest selection.

I moved the swirled image onto a layer above the original layers, lowered the opacity to 56% and changed the blend mode to Vivid Light. Then I added a mask to the new background layer, reloaded the selection of the flowers (inverse of the background) and filled with 50% gray to block some of the new background layer.

Here is another shot of just the white glads.

3 thoughts on “Creating Compatible Backgrounds

  1. Susan, I have worked with texture screens a little but there is never enough time to play with all the techniques. I downloaded your jpg’s and worked with the texture screen you created and enjoyed the results. Very Nice

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