Sony HX 200 Camera Review

I have been looking for a quality point-and-shoot camera for over a year now.  Sometimes it’s nice to have just a small camera when hiking long distances or when traveling. When I was recently asked to teach a Student Class I figured many of them would have a point-and-shoot and I should develop the presentation with PS images. (Best Buy will take a camera back with no stocking charge within 30 days which I have done with no problem but at a sale price of $407 the Sony is a keeper!)

The camera has an amazingly sharp Carl Zeiss lens with 30x optical zoom and 60x digital zoom. I was concerned about the lack of macro settings, but it forces me to step much further back (great for bug pix) and zoom in, giving me a nice shallow depth of field.

I was also concerned about the lack of RAW capability but find the camera handles exposure very well and has an impressive 18mg file size.

On camera flash is sometimes ineffective but I’m pleased with this little pop-up as shown on these daisies. Plus, the HX200 has flash and exposure compensation available.

There is also a Picture Effect menu which includes an HDR Painting, Watercolor and Illustration effects.  Keep watching my blog for examples of those as I experiment more!

All these pictures are straight out of the camera with no adjustments.

3 thoughts on “Sony HX 200 Camera Review

  1. I am having a hard time deciding what camera to get between the sony HX200 and the canon rebel t3i I am not a expert I am a beginner,I do not know how to manually take pics so I am leaning twards the sony hx200 I NEED to be able to take up close pics of Orchid flowers for my business website.

    • Hi Bonnie,

      As you can see on my Blog entry for the Sony, it does quite a nice job on individual close up flowers. The Canon would probably need an additional lens for closeups.. I have not tried any of the special settings on that camera. The Canon would give you RAW images to work with but if you are novice you might prefer the Sony and use Photoshop Elements to tweak your photos. It is quite easy to use.

      Let me know if you have other questions…. in the orchid business, how happy a job that is!!


  2. thanks for the review. Like you, I have been looking for a point and shoot. Will definitely check this one out.

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