Diversity of the Plant World

I am constantly amazed by the diversity of the plant world. Each species has its own purpose and distinct characteristics. The variety of petals, leaves, height, color and blooming patterns is incredible.

This realization hit strongly today when I went to the Raulston Arboretum for the Eastern North Carolina Iris Society sale. In my ignorance, I walked in with camera gear in hand looking for glorious shooting opportunities, but found that iris are done blooming and this is harvest time. So instead I found trays and trays of rhizomes with a few green stalks, each carefully marked with photos of the blooms.

The information on these flowers made me aware of how each iris can be quite different from the others, I got a real education. Iris do not grow from bulbs (who knew?)… they grow from rhizomes which are planted with the top uncovered. These are much easier to plant than bulbs!

When I got home and planted my new irises it occured to me how different flowers are even under the same name. But to make an even stronger statement, I photographed the flowers that grow in pots on my deck. Each is so unique and beautiful in its own way.

I’m not going to send you a huge underlying message, though God knows we can all see obvious correlations beyond the plant world.  Let your mind wander where it wants on pondering this incredible diversity.

By the way, I joined the American Iris Society for $25. The beautiful quarterly magazine alone is worth it, but there’s much more.  Check it out at http://www.irises.org/  You also become a member of the local group and they were very friendly and full of information.

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