Field Macro Support

Many of you know what a plamp is… a clamp that attaches to your tripod and then holds a flower or other object in place.  It works great, except if you move your tripod. Then you have to reset the plamp as the plant will also move.  Plus, you are limited to the length of the plamp cord.

There is a fairly new product called the Field Macro Support. It has the same cord and a detachable clamp, plus a stake that goes in the ground anywhere you want.   It can be a long way from your camera and doesn’t move when you reposition your tripod since it is not attached.

As you flower photographers know..  even a tiny breeze will create blur in your images and this really helps.

I love this product and am selling them for anyone interested. They are $30 and fold up easily in your camera bag. You can buy it on my e-store,

3 thoughts on “Field Macro Support

    • Thanks Paul…. the FMS is a super tool to separate individual blooms… love it!

      Italy not long now for you… hope the trips go well. We are looking at a cruise next May.


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