Replace Color in Photoshop

Sometimes you want to change a color… in flowers, people’s clothing, just about anything!  Photoshop gives you an easy way to do this called Replace Color. In this image, I wanted to change the blue to a rosy color.

1. Open your image.

2. Image – Adjustments – Replace Color – set the fuzziness about 30 to start

3. Click with the left eyedropper in the color you want to replace, then keep clicking with the +eyedropper to add the whole area since there will be lighter and darker areas of the same color. In the preview window you will see the area turning white. When you think you have most of it, increase the fuzziness to about 100 or wherever the area is totally white. If you make a mistake, the -eyedropper can click it out for you.

4. Now adjust the hue, saturation and lightness to find a great new color!

Have fun!

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