Elements 10 Smart Brush

OriginalElements SB 2

Photoshop Elements 10 has a very cool feature for those of you looking for an extra effect on your images.  Under the Brush category is the Smart Brush. (lElements SB 1ocated just under the regular Brush tool with a cog over it).

Open your image and select this brush. Your option bar will have a dropdown menu with many categories starting with All Purpose. It includes color effects, black and white, textures, nature related like blue skies and sunset and many more. Then you just sweep your brush where you want the effect and it will fill the area and create a selection for you.

This feature automatically sets a suggested opacity for the layer and most add a layer mask for further adjustments. You can also use the Blend mode dropdown on the Layers pallette to choose your own blend mode.

Endless fun!!

Blue Skies added

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