Orchids Adjust 5 Org

I have always loved orchids… the beautiful shapes, delicate centers and vibrant colors.  In fact, most of the time I wouldn’t make any adjustments.  However, I’m putting together a collection of Photoshop and 3rd party tips for a DVD and thought I would experiment with the Topaz products!  Adjust 5 and Simplify 4 have lots to work with and expand your creativity.

This was very simple… I opened the image up in Adjust 5 and went to the Stylized Collection and clicked on Glow in the Dark. I made some global adjustments and then used the brush in local adjustments to brighten the centers of each with the dodge tool.

Under finishing touches, I selected a color for the image to use as a Border.

Orchids Adjust 5

Easy.. and fun!

2 thoughts on “Orchids

  1. Thanks Paul.. just got back from Dallas and had wonderful time. Hope you are having nice holidays too.

    Hope to see you sometime this year… your blog posts with student photos are outstanding!


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