Easy Photoshop Technique

I discovered this nice combination of Photoshop steps that brings out the best in some images.  Try it and see!

The photos of the girl show the original image and then the technique with Soft Light blending. (full details at bottom)

_MG_7123-2 org    Original                           _MG_7123-2 New look with Soft Light

The Bird of Paradise is shown with the Original, one with Multiply blending mode, one with Color Burn.

  Elegance Original  Original   Elegance Multiply    Multiply    Elegance Color Burn Color Burn

1. Open your image.

2. Make a copy with Cmd/Ctrl J.

3. Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur – I used 7-10 but you can play with the slider.

4. On the Blur layer, use the Blending Modes to get the look you want.

5. You can adjust this layer’s opacity to further refine the effect.

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