Making Backgrounds – camera technique (CT)

The background in a photo, particularly a closeup photo, needs to be very clean and not distracting to the subject. If you can insert a handmade background behind your subject that can provide a nice clean background.  Indoor photography can certainly use these backgrounds too.

._MG_9799          _MG_9800

To make your own backgrounds, find a hedge, wall, leaves, etc that you feel has a nice blend of colors. Then set your camera’s lens to its widest aperture. In addition,

defocus the entire scene so it becomes one nice blur of color.

_MG_9802         _MG_9804

I suggest printing these on matte paper to reduce any possible glare… even better is on canvas or fabric.

2 thoughts on “Making Backgrounds – camera technique (CT)

    • Hi Paul,

      Once you do a few of these, you can spot good possibilities. Avoid hot spots of white through the leaves or big areas of shadow… it’s fun!

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