Creative Backgrounds for Greeting Cards

Daisies gradientI love adding new backgrounds for greeting cards to jazz them up. If you take the original photo against a white background, it’s easy to select and delete the white and use just the subject.

Here is the original file.

Daisies 0166 Org

For this card I used the Color Harmonies 2 collection in Photoshop CS6 and pulled it diagonally across a blank layer. Then I drop and dragged the flowers on top. You can add any text you want and play with the colors!

3 thoughts on “Creative Backgrounds for Greeting Cards

  1. Thanks for the great tips. Where do we find this Color Harmonies collection in Photoshop?
    Is it a filter?

    • There is a tool in the toolbox called Gradient about in the middle. Double click on that tool and you will see a colored box at the top left of your monitor screen. Click on that and you will get the Gradient Editor.

      At the top of the Editor is a symbol like a cog across from the Presets title… click on the cog and it will show you different categories of gradients. That is where you can choose a preset or change the colors.

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