Painting Your Borders

Tree Art

Tree with painted border.

This involves some intermediate-to-advanced use of Photoshop so don’t get frustrated if there is a lot of new stuff. It is worth the effort to create your own special borders and textures. If you are fairly new to Photoshop, you may want to come back to this post later.

1. Open your image.
2. Add a layer (torn paper icon on the Layers palette)
3. Fill that layer with White (Edit>Fill>White on the dropdown) Add a mask to this layer. You will paint with the Mask active in a minute. (the mask icon is on the Layers palette at the bottom next to “fx”
4. Click your brush tool and then go to the top toolbar and click the dropdown for brushes (top left). You probably have the Basic Brushes loaded. To add a more artistic brush click the little “gear” at the top right of the brush box and find the Heavy Thick Brushes… click and use Append. This will add those brushes to whatever you currently have loaded.
5. Make sure you have clicked on the Mask to make it the active area. Paint with the brush and the color Black to reveal the image beneath. Big strokes across is just fine and you will see the edges pick up the look of the brush.. leaving white around your image.
6. To add Texture – add another blank layer and fill with White again. Use the Multiply blending mode found on the dropdown on the Layers palette – by default this box says Normal.
7. Now use Filter – Filter Gallery – Texture – Texturizer —– I used the Canvas and adjusted the Scale and Relief to my liking. If it comes out too strong you can just adjust the opacity of this layer later.

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