Plant Delights Nursery

PD Spider Lily

Spider Lily

PD Hibiscus


PD Begonia Little Brother Montgomery

Begonia Little Brother Montgomery

PD Michigan Lily Bud

Michigan Lily


Plant Delights

Hurricane Lily – Lycoris

We are very fortunate to have Plant Delights Nursery in Raleigh, NC. They have beautiful landscaped areas in woods and around ponds including many of the plants they sell. Several times a year they open to the public for 3-day weekends.

Today was a real treat as always.. lots in the greenhouses to choose from. I couldn’t resist finally buying my very own Lycoris, also known as hurricane lilies. They come out after lots of rain and have no real foliage to speak off but are the most delicate beautiful plant. I bought the Golden Panda. Right now it’s a teeny woody stem sticking up through the dirt, but will certainly post photos when it grows up and blooms!

For local readers, Plant Delights is open for one more day tomorrow (Sunday, July 21) from 1pm-5pm. They are located on Sauls Road off Highway 1010.

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