Greensboro – Tanger Garden

_MG_1602I was going to Greensboro today to pick up a large canvas print at MasterColor Labs and decided to visit some of the gardens there.  As it turns out I only had time for one… Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden. This is a beautiful, formal landscaped 7.5-acre garden. It has sculptures and wonderful little pond. Across the street is the Bog Garden at Benjamin Park. It has an eleveated boardwalk through 7 acres of wetlands. There is waterfall called Serenity Falls and Starmount Farms Lake.  I could hear many birds and ducks were plentiful.


Stream that runs through the Bog Garden

The other gardens are the Greensboro Arboretum which is within 10 minutes of the Tanger Garden. I drove by quickly.. it looked beautiful also. Finally I passed the Gateway Gardens heading back to I-40. So there is plenty to see if you want to spend a day in the gardens of Greensboro.


Statue at Tanger Gardens

Information on all 4 areas is available at:

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