Lotus in Lace

Lotus in Lace 5x7

Lotus in Lace Final

Lotus in Lace Final

This is a fun project. I bought some doilies at a craft store for $1.99. They are in the cake decorating area and they come in rectangles or circles.  I took one and mounted it with double stick tape to a black piece of foamcore.  I photographed and then made sure the black-and-white contrast was good for selection.

Background Doily.

Background Doily.

Double click the background layer to make it editable as Layer 0.. select the black with the magic wand and Edit > Cut. This will leave transparent area.  Then I did a Rectangle selection in the center and cut those pixels too.

I opened the Lotus image and dragged it into the lace file. You can then resize with Ctrl/Cmd T if needed. make sure none of the photo shows through the lace.

Lotus in Lace

Screen Capture.

Flattened the image and dragged it into a 5×7 new file.  You can make the background any color you want to show through the lace.  I plan to print this on Red River Paper card stock so used a 7×10 card stock that will be folded. A nice touch to add your photo title and information on the back of the card as shown.

One thought on “Lotus in Lace

  1. OMG I would love to buy a card of this picture, with or without the lace. My sisters bay is in a couple of weeks and she loves PINK. can I ??

    Guess you are getting packed for the trip. I am sure you will have a great time, but I am also feeling for you when you have to say goodbye and return to NC. I will be thinking off you. I will try to call you Thur evening before you leave! Tonya

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