Why We Shoot



Of course there are many reasons we love to shoot photographs. To compose a scene or subject in your viewfinder and then capture that moment in time is a great feeling. It gives us a sense of control and inspires our creativity. But this blog addresses another reason why we love to shoot.

Yesterday I met with another photographer who was willing to show me his favorite spots on Jordan Lake. Having lived in the Raleigh area for over 25 years, I still had not found special places on Jordan Lake. As pretty as it is, I found the landscapes uninspiring… huge body of water with basically evergreens along the edge. So I jumped at the offer of finding some special places.

We started on Farrington Rd at the boat ramp. The first surprise was the low water level, exposing many tree roots and grasses. A sailboat was a nice bonus.


Grass Abstract



Then we moved to Highway 751 and parked on a pullover. We scrambled down a path to a creek area, many old trees, brush and occasionally a beaver is seen, but not today.  And to find this brilliant mushroom was a bonus… check out the striped stem!

The many grasses blended nicely for a sweeping abstract.

Finally we went down Beaver Creek Rd and took the second entrance into the Ebenezer Church boat ramp. It was almost dark and pulling around the corner all we could see was brilliant gold as the sun was setting. We had been shooting for almost 3 hours and it didn’t seem we would get a sunset at all… and here it was right in front of us. I jumped out of the car, opened the hatchback to grab my equipment and ran for the beach area. For 15 minutes or so we were in a magical place, constantly changing clouds and colors.  _MG_0397  _MG_0417



Why We Shoot?   We experience these magical moments, surprises that inspire, and are so totally involved that we forget time and place. That feeling is one of the main reasons we shoot!

You can’t make it happen… and it won’t happen every time you go out to shoot.. but the memory lasts forever and keeps us coming back.

5 thoughts on “Why We Shoot

    • Thanks Suzanne. Will get you my Raulston ideas in the next few days.

      Thank you for all the work you do.. the Master Plan looks amazing… can’t wait to photograph the progress.


  1. indeed! It’s the experience.. all of it.
    It’s a home we can’t exactly go back to, but we can, again, create a new “home” experience.
    I had to comment because one of your sunset pictures really strikes me as uniquely “meta”; it’s the fourth one, with that distant band of warmth at the horizon, surrouned by All that dark blue. It combines the “asbstract” quality of the other three with the landscape quality of “place”, especially with that spit of land at left. At the Same Time, it also feels mystically timeless and a place just beyond reach; we could motor toward it, but it would only tease us and disappear. This picture’s “home” is more like an experience of spiritual longing; we can kinda see it, but feel helpless to actually realize it’s promising awesomeness.
    On the other hand, an experience like this can absolutely make the home we do have a poignant gift.

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