Christmas Cards

Card Craft

Card Craft

So I went to Archivers, a store for scrapbooking supplies, to look for Christmas accessories for cards. They have rubber stamps, stickers, and lots of other useful items. They already have a lot of 12″ x 12″ sheets of paper with Christmas designs.

I bought the one you see here which has been cropped to a 5″ x 7″… photographed it with natural light and brought it into Photoshop. Then I simply typed the 12 Days of Christmas.  Did you know that we mispronounce #4??  They are not calling birds, but collie birds, a type of blackbird! Just learned that as I researched a bit.

Although this is less about photography and more about greeting cards, I hope you’ll find this a useful idea. You could photograph many of the sheets ($.99 – $1.29 each) and put a photo on it with a layer in Photoshop…. I like it much better than many of the borders I see online.



2 thoughts on “Christmas Cards

  1. Hi Susan, just wondering if there might be a copyright issue with photographing and printing (digitally or on paper) such patterns and prints?

    Tom Griffin

    • Tom,
      I do not think there is any issue in this case, but if I was going to sell the cards with scrapbook backgrounds, I would check into it further.
      Any borders you buy online are resalable and I think this would be similar… but always worth checking.
      Thank you for asking.. Susan

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