Angel Reflection Card

Angel ReflectionBeautiful angel statue from a private garden. This is for Photoshop users with intermediate experience, so feel free to contact me if you run into trouble!

1. Create a New File of square format – Red River Paper has 5.25×5.25 square card.

2. Fill background layer with Black.

3. Open file with subject you want to use and crop as you like.

4. Drag the cropped image into your new file.

5. Select the cropped image, Edit > Copy, then Edit > Paste.  Select the copy and Edit > Transform > Flip Vertically.

6. On the flipped layer, choose your Gradient tool with Black and White in your Foreground/Background swatches and pull it up through the upside down image.

7. Add appropriate text!

2 thoughts on “Angel Reflection Card

  1. Beautiful! Hope you are doing well. I am here at work tkaing lunch. Girls come back today!


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