Starry Skies

Final image


0711_Southport_028 atart


Then mounted my camera parallel to the floor. I used a softbox on the right side which gave extra sparkle.  ISO 320, 1 second @ f/10 with an 85mm fixed lens.



In Photoshop I used an Adjustment layer to turn it to black-and-white and increased contrast.

I opened the sunrise / moon shot from Southport, NC and selected the sky just above the pier with the Rectangle Marquee tool – then Ctrl – Shift – I to invert and Ctrl J to set the water/pier selection on its own layer.

Then I used Shift – Move to drop the starry sky on top of the layer stack. By using  Screen mode, the black all dropped out and just left the “stars”. Then I reduced the “stars” opacity a bit for realism.

This is not exactly as Jim explained, but very close… thanks for the inspiration, Jim!

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