Shoot Every Day

DSC01775 2



Tree blur

DSC01814  I was planning a goal for 2014 of shooting every day. Then a friend mentioned the same idea so we are holding each other accountable.  I won’t post to the blog most of the time but thought I would send the idea out to all you photo enthusiasts.Canoe reflection

Although I shoot at least 4 days every week and often every day… through the winter not as much.DSC01787 DSC01780

Today I chose Lake Wheeler, a wonderful park in Raleigh. Here are a few of the images I captured, showing you can get color, texture, interesting subjects, sunset, blurs, etc. any day of the year!

9 thoughts on “Shoot Every Day

  1. Happy new year Susan. I especially like the canoe shot. I didn’t recognize it was canoes at first, just really liked the pattern.

    • Hi Joanne,

      I actually took them all in a 30 minute period… the PA announced the park was closing shortly after I got there, lol… didn’t want to get locked in!

      There was a young family there too but that was it for visitors.


  2. Hi Susan – Can I get on your email list? Are you still organizing the get togethers, I think it was breakfast or lunch…I can’t remember. I had given you my email at Bobbi Hopp’s exhibit. Thanks Jo Bolton

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