Oil Drop Alternative

_MG_3388-Edit I bought Magic Marbles Gel a year ago at the NC State Fair.  They look like tiny grains and can be purchased in clear or color that expand greatly when hydrated. They become beautiful balls of gel, generally used in vases for flowers.

I have difficulty with the oil droplets in water technique to work well… the oil drops do not behave well when repositioning and then there is the cleanup process… always greasy._MG_3393

So I have started playing with the gel balls. The downside is that they are round, not flat, so they are not as clear as the oil drops. However, I am finding that NIK Color Efex Detail Extractor goes a long way in correcting this.

I have tried them in water and freshly hydrated – still difficult to position… but then let them sit and mostly dry out… that gives you ultimate flexibility in positioning.

I use 12 inch pieces of wood on the four corners to balance glass or a Pyrex dish. The subject goes beneath. Home Depot sells a 4x4x6 (think that’s how you say it!) and will cut into 12″ segments. Keep in mind the 6th piece will be slightly shorter due to the cutting.

I have tried 3D flowers and other things.. but today decided to put one of my images underneath. This helps with the distortion of the image.

Still playing but these are the first results.

You can order from:

Roberta’s Inc., PO Box 630  Shelbyville, IN  46176-0630

www.robertasgardens.net   800-428-9726

Ask for Magic Floral Gel – the 5 pak comes in colors but the clear is probably what you will use the most. The tubes are $5 each with $7 shipping up to 50 tubes… so order a few while you’re at it!


2 thoughts on “Oil Drop Alternative

  1. Susan, I am just sitting here with my mouth hanging open over these adventures! So many things we have on-hand here on the farm. Remember us mentioning old barn wood, recycled wood, old this & that? I’m thinking I may FINALLY have to get myself a real camera. Oh my! I said it! % ^/

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