Watermark Your Images

A watermark is used to protect your images from theft. They are easy to apply to your image but most are permanent so should be used on a copy of your original. There are a variety of ways to do this, but here are examples to try in three commonly used editing programs.

Photoshop Elements 12 Watermark

Open your image.

File > Process Multiple Files > Watermark options are on the right side.

Photoshop CCWatermark PS

Open your image.

Open a new file 5×7 filled with white.

Type the text you want for your watermark. I like a low opacity.

Select the text with the Magic Wand. Click on Edit > Define Brush Preset > name it Watermark. It will be added to your current Brush category. They you can use the brush tool and select Watermark to place anywhere on your image and resize if necessary.

Lightroom 5.2Watermark Ltrm 5.2

Click on your image.

File > Export > fill in the Watermark information.

Some online web hosting services such as SmugMug have their own watermark system which only shows on the images, not in printing.

2 thoughts on “Watermark Your Images

    • Hi Douglas,
      Glad this was helpful. I specialize in greeting card designs using Elements 12. This software has lots of graphics and fun art accents. My design ebook with lots of Elements ideas is available for $10 at http://www.esunrisedesigns.com Currently working on my 2nd ebook which will have more advanced projects and available within the next 2 months.

      I use Red River Paper so they promote for me. Mike Moats also does and you may know him for his macro work.

      Even if you don’t do many greeting cards, the ideas are applicable to all images.

      Thanks for your comment… Susan

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