Charleston Photography Workshops


photo by Rick Sammon

Horses on the beach of Seabrook Island included in Rick Sammon’s August workshop

Have you thought about taking a workshop to learn and re-energize your photography? The Charleston Photography Workshops offer a wide variety of subjects with top-notch instructors from across the nation. The workshops run from 1/2 day to a week depending on the subject and most are conducted in Charleston using the fantastic scenery as their subject matter.

The workshop topics include portrait, lighting, nature, seeing creatively, food, weddings/bridal and more!

Please check out the website at:

Here are a few just to give you an idea:

July 6-11, 2014   Charms of Charleston – Travel Workshop with Richard Ellis

August 17-23, 2014   Develop Your Eye, Develop Your Images with Rick Sammon

October 27-November 5   Spirit of Place in Mexico with Bob Krist and Richard Ellis

It is very exciting to have this workshop company right here in the Carolinas using the beautiful city of Charleston as its base. Please take time to check out the more than 20 workshops currently on the schedule!

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