Have fun working with your images

Final Image

Final Image

I usually shoot RAW which can leave me with a rather flat looking image… that’s the neat part though… you get to make all the creative choices how to develop it.

Yesterday our photo group went to Jordan Lake and photographed in this wonderful field near the lake. It was a great time to experiment with artsy techniques… slow shutter speeds, camera movements, selective focus, etc.  I started with a vertical motion on slow shutter speed to slightly blur these flowers.

I liked this image but it needed help. Here are the steps I took briefly. I know Photoshop work isn’t for everyone but these software applications can be a lot of fun.

1- Crop
2 – Levels Adjustment to bring out highlights and shadows
3 – Flaming Pear’s Flood software on duplicate layer – then a mask to soften the horizontal edge of the flood – Flatten
4 – Photoshop’s Oil Paint filter on very low settings on duplicate layer – Flatten
5 – Topaz – Adjust – Equalize for more separation of lights and darks
6 – Photoshop – Filter – Other – High Pass on duplicate layer – Soft Light blending mode for a little extra sharpness
7 – Flatten!



Hint: When you are experimenting with effects, use the History palette to keep track of your steps. Click on the Camera icon at the bottom of that palette often to keep different versions of your work.

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