Get a Splash Pak

_MG_7590-Edit-2Make a splash with your friends and family by sending greeting cards with your photos or stock cards. People love getting a real card in the mail!

You get to send over 30 5×7 greeting cards with your own photographs (or postcards or use the catalogue of over 10,000 cards)

How you sign up:

1. Go to my estore at
2. Purchase a Splash Pak under the Send Out Cards section for $15
3. Then I will send you a splash code to gain access to the system, upload photos and send within 90 days. Then you can sign up as a regular customer for $9.80 per month if you want.

This is how it works once you have the splash code:

Go to and enter your code.

Upload images and drag them onto the card template and type your message on the inside. Add the name and address and Send Out Cards will print it, put in an envelope, add first-class postage and send at the date you choose. You can add birthdays and other occasions to see reminders.

I have been a Distributor for almost 5 years… the quality is awesome. During travels if I think of someone I want to send a card to, it takes just a minute or two from my laptop or cell phone and SOC does the rest. You may find yourself sending more cards because the recipients give such a fun response. (under the splash pak each card with your image is 93 cents plus 49 cents postage – total $1.42 inc postage)

No commitment after you use the splash pak but you can become a steady customer… always just month to month. You can import a database of friends or business and send all at once too.

This is so easy and fun!

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