Abstract Technique

_MG_9066-EditThis is a fun technique I have been working with for years to turn a graphic or pattern type image into a fun abstract. It can be used on busy scenes or strong graphic images.

Step 1. You can use the whole image or crop to square for better symmetry depending on the image.

_MG_9066-Edit org

Step 2. On a strong graphic image you may want to sharpen at this point to get crisper lines. Duplicate the Background layer by highlighting and hit Ctrl/Cmd J.

Step 3. Highlight new layer and Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal.


Step 4. Go through the blending modes on your Layers palette. Darken, Multiply and Soft Light are my first choices to try.  This nautilus shell actually used Lighter Color.

Step 5. Above all, experiment and have fun!

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