Cedar Creek Gallery

The diversity of interesting places in our area of North Carolina is amazing.  This week I was told about a little zoo called the Aloha Safari Zoo in Cameron.  I have not been there but you can look at their website: http://www.alohasafarizoo.org/

Another friend took me to the Cedar Creek Gallery yesterday. Such a cool place in Creedmoor!  Their website is:  http://cedarcreekgallery.com/

Here are some images of the various crafts and handmade goods.  In October they have glass blowing demonstrations which should be photo worthy.


Long tapers.


Pots on the mantel.


Glass dish.


Beautiful serving dish.


Containers on the stairs.


Glass balls outside.


Sun chair.


Flowers with barn.





2 thoughts on “Cedar Creek Gallery

  1. Your photos are inspiring. I need to go back to Cedar Creek with my new macro lens. The 1st one I ordered was defective. I got my money back and today I got a replacement. I know I’ll enjoy it. It works!


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