Inspiration – new software

Impasto filter

Impasto filter

As human beings, I think we all search for things that inspire and delight us. This is definitely true as photographers and artists. When I find a wonderful new flower… or a beautiful butterfly who sits and waits for me or a spectacular sunrise… I feel a contentment and harmony with the world. It is a very satisfying experience and somewhat magical at times. I thank God.

You can encourage those kind of feelings by trying different subjects, lighting, equipment and software among other things. I am continually open to new avenues to inspire me. At lunch with some photographers today we found that most of us take at least one class or workshop to learn something every year. The topics ranged from photography to learning to shoot a gun or bow and arrow, cake decorating and more!

So, when Topaz came out with Impression, I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I love the artsy side of photography and this program is easy to use and I’m just starting to experiment with it.

_MG_4567-org                                   _MG_4567-Edit

I took the shot above in the studio against a white background, intending to apply a texture. But I brought it into Photoshop and opened Topaz Impression.  Using the Charcoal setting I boosted the Saturation which brought in some of the original color.





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