Serenity Prayer Greeting Card

Serenity Prayer

I visited a waterlily garden this weekend and found many beautiful lilies. I felt this would make a nice greeting card with the Serenity Prayer. The basic post-processing is listed below. I have 2 ebooks on greeting card design and an online class for learning creative ways to enhance your photos on cards including camera technique and post-processing.

Basic Steps for this card

1.Open new file of 5×7 @ 300dpi for your blank card.

2. Pick a nice texture image for the back ground and drag into file.

3. Choose your image and crop to 2×3 inches.

4. Select the image, Layer > Layer Style > Drop Shadow Light Angle 129 (Distance 15 Spread 14 Size 44 for this one) Multiply is the default blending mode.

5. Using the T type tool, type your verse or phrase. I used California FB Italic at 12pts and 24pts leading (between lines of text)

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