Thank you for following my blog where you have seen many entries about greeting card design and other information. I offer a class online that will show you ways to make truly unique cards. Following is the outline for the class with information on sign up. It has 4 lessons and can be done at your own pace.



Sign up at

 $75 for full course with critiques and ability to send questions

$45 to receive all the materials but no assignment critiques or interaction

Brighten your day and everybody else’s too with your own specially designed greeting cards. This course uses screen shots from Photoshop Elements 12 and will work for users of Photoshop CS, CC and Elements 9 and above versions.

You will receive all 4 lessons upon ordering the class.

Lesson 1 – BEGINNINGS starts with a discussion of the benefits of greeting cards. There are ideas for occasions and subjects, formatting, resizing for cards, and organizing your files. You will learn the basics of shooting for cards.

Lesson 2 – PHOTO TECHNIQUES explains all the elements of shooting great cards. It’s easy to just drag and drop an image you already have into a card template, but to make great cards, it is best to plan your shoot. This includes light, composition, creating a mood, brainstorming exercise, impact of color and exposure plus panoramic triptychs.

Lesson 3 – TEXT will give you lots of instruction and ideas for choosing and placing your text along with styling tips. You will also find places to research quotes.

Lesson 4 – PHOTOSHOP is based on using Elements 12 but will work for and version in the CS, CC or Elements 9 and up family. You will learn many ways to enhance your photos with borders, filters, making your own templates and more!

See some of my cards on my website: and click on Greeting Cards

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