Went to Porter’s today at 3525 NC Highway 42 near Rock Service Station Road. Such a neat roadside stand with lots of veggies, peaches, watermelons and ice cream!  Here are just a few images.








2 thoughts on “Vegetables!

  1. These are so nice!!  Now, did you use a large aperture (5.6) or a small (22)? j  Julia A. Daniels 107 Chatburn CircleCary, NC  27513

    • Thank you Julia… the 4 sharper images are with my Panasonic GX7 mirrorless camera at f/13 to get fairly sharp throughout. The out of focus one is with a Lensbaby Muse w/double glass optic set with the f/2.8 disc I believe. The Lensbaby has aperture discs you use. The newer Lensbaby has an aperture ring like lenses you are used to.

      Advantage of a Lensbaby is that with everything the same distance from the camera you can get a sweet spot of clarity in the middle with blur on the outside… with conventional lenses you can get sharp and then blur behind but not on the same plane. If that doesn’t make sense we can discuss another time!


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