White Vignette

Vignette start_1070083 -Edit Vignette white

A friend of mine saw a similar image on Facebook and asked how to do it.  This was done in less than a minute… you can refine of course!

You can add a white vignette in many ways. NIK Color Efex Pro has a Vignette Filter… just set the color to white and make adjustments with the sliders if needed.

Or you can add a layer in Photoshop and make a feathered selection with oval (or other shape) and fill with white, reduce opacity as desired.

6 thoughts on “White Vignette

    • Everyone has their own thoughts on this of course but I like the subject to still be untouched. A student asked me how to do this so I quickly put that on my blog. Didn’t want to answer it through Facebook which would seem pushy to the person who posted it.

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