Photoshop Twirl

Twirl original Twirl 1


A friend posted this neat set of steps in Photoshop.  I suggest cropping to a square but rectangles can look good too. I have made an Action that you can add to Photoshop > Presets > Action.  It stops at the last step so you can still adjust the blending modes before Flattening all layers.  If you email me, I will send it to you.

  1. Open you photo in Photoshop > unlock background
  2. Go to filter >pixelate >mezzotint >medium lines
  3. Go back to filter >blur>radial blur 100% >blur zoom quality best
  4. Repeat steps 3, 3-5 times
  5. Duplicate layer and turn duplicate layer off (eyeball)
  6. Highlight and work on original photo layer
  7. Filter>distort> twirl (angle value plus 80% or how you desire
  8. Turn on other layer and filter>distort> Twirl >Angle value minus 80% or as desired but it will be opposite of #7
  9. Alter duplicate layer blending mode to lighten on screen
  10. Experiment with other filter and blending modes
  11. Flatten layers




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