NEW Set of Templates Ready!

kk_waterfront24                 Colored border

Pano Trio Oval

My newest set of greeting card templates includes 40 print-ready files (3 samples are shown above). Just add your photo in the grey area with Photoshop. It’s so easy and lots of fun! This set includes some previous layouts and many brand new ones for various occasions and everyday use.

Each file can be customized with your choice of wording, fonts and colors.

Complete instructions and the print templates are also included. A 5 x 7 card prints on a 10 x 7 card with a scored mark for folding. I get all my paper from Red River Paper and highly recommend them. Matching envelopes are also available from them. The majority of designs are for 5 x 7 cards, but also include some for notecards 4.25 x 5.5 and panorama cards 8 x 9.

You can order this set on my Products page:

Thank you for your business…  you are special!




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