Calendar Layout Idea

BF-The Golden Goose

I wanted to create a unique calendar layout for 2017. I wanted to soften the photograph’s edges and give the quote its own way to stand out. By experimenting I came up with this fun technique and used it on my first 2017 calendar.  Be patient and take it slow… it will become easier with time!

Open image and drag onto background (smaller than the background)

To soften the photo’s edges, select the transparent background on the photo layer with the Magic Wand (W)

Select > Modify > Feather  (60 px on a 5×7 works well)

Ctrl/Cmd Shift I to invert the selection

Use Move (V) tool to drag the photo off the new soft edge frame

Now select the “frame” with the rectangular marquee (M) tool and press Ctrl/Cmd J to put the “frame” on its own layer. (this makes it much easier to make changes later)

Go back to the photo layer and select the soft frame again and Ctrl/Cmd X to Cut it out of that layer.

At this point I use the Text (T) tool to put a quote, poem or other words inside the soft frame which can be easily changed with the Transform tool (Ctrl/Cmd T)




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