2018 Calendar How-to


I love making calendars each year. They are very similar to greeting cards which is my first passion.  There are many ways to produce calendars, here are a few:

Easiest- Print one photo or collage on 8 1/2 x 11 with all the months printed. You can download the template from Etsy creators or use an online printer such as Shutterfly or Vistaprint for example.

Fairly easy – upload 13 photos to Shutterfly or other online printer and choose a format. This can be pricey ($15-25 each)

One Sheet – a 16×20 poster available online (runs $22.99 at Shutterfly)

My favorite – I create *12  5×7 sheets for each month and print them through a discount online printer as they seem to do just fine at this size.  Then I give or sell them with a 5×7 acrylic magnet that goes on people’s refrigerators or any metal surface. It is easy to change each month as the year goes by.  The magnets are available in other sizes too through http://www.pfile.com. (order more than 12 and they are about $3 each with shipping) – so your total on this project is your time and under $10.  I either order clear boxes from http://www.clearbags.com (extra cost) or slip the 12 sheets into an envelope.

*this year I am using the templates from Lil Owls Texture Club (you need to join). They are very well done and allow customization.  See samples above. Etsy also has many calendar template creators.


This is a great way to share your photos and creativity!



2 thoughts on “2018 Calendar How-to

  1. Hi Susan, I’m enjoying your notes on calendars. I’m interested in cards and the calendars as well. Have been using Photographers Edge card blanks for several years, but am always looking for alternatives. Any chance you would do an afternoon or evening class on these items in the near future? I’ve been enjoying CNPA for a few years now and you would be the person who gave me in the info on the group when we were waiting in the check-out line at Barnes and Noble.

    In a related item…am trying to learn Lightroom. Do happen to know of any classes on this software in our area?

    Many thanks, John Conrad


    • Hi John,
      So glad to hear from you and appreciate your comments. I actually give a talk on Greeting Cards but have done some of the clubs in town. I have thought of doing a 3 hour workshop teaching how to prepare a variety of cards, with text, borders, etc finishing with printing some of everyone’s creations. So, I appreciate your interest.. it encourages me to move further with this idea.

      I have an online class offered now in PDF. It covers many elements of greeting card design. See below. The cost is $50. You are welcome to send me creations for each section for critique. I would need to send it by email or dropbox because I am currently creating a whole new website for greeting card enthusiasts and the products will be available there, but work in progress!!

      Introduction General Instructions
      Week 1 – BORDERS Stroke Keyline Lasso a Border for your Images Using the Filter Gallery Using Refine Edge
      Week 2 – TEMPLATES Make a Template Multiple Openings
      Week 3 – TEXT Text outside your photo Text on your photo Panorama with text
      Week 4 – USING THE WHOLE PAGE Graphics Caption, copyright and credit Photo Front and Back Full spread
      Week 5 –PHOTO EFFECTS Overexpose and underexpose Blending Modes

      Create Square Corners, Suppliers, Photoshop Commands, Contact Information

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