Outline Your Text

I haven’t been adding as many blog posts recently as I have a Facebook group now for people interested in creating greeting cards and other printed materials with their photos.  For detailed how-tos I refer them to the blog.  Please go to Facebook – Groups and search for PhotoGraphics to join!

text outline examplestext outline

Text Outline

1.Start with a blank layer and some text, this will work for shapes too.

2. Right click/Cmd click on the layer name in the layers palette. Select rasterize layer. Ctrl/Cmd click on the layer thumbnail to select the type. Create a new blank layer.

3. Edit>stroke. Try 3-10 pixel stroke depending on the resolution of your image. Pick your color. Click Center in the Location dropdown.

Click ok.


Sunflowers at Dix Park

What a fun morning.  Get there early and the light is wonderful and the fields are full of sunflowers and buds!  Such fun with friends at this special place.



Lighting adjustments





I photographed this little house at Brookgreen Gardens recently in midday light.  The flowers that frame the scene were quite bright and the house darker than I wanted. In just a few minutes I created the image I had in mind, highlighting the house.

Open Image and crop if desired

Add new layer – create new layer icon on Layers pallet next to garbage can

Edit – Fill – 50% gray and change the Blending Mode to Overlay

Clicked on the brush and using black and white paint on the 50% gray layer I darkened around the edges and brightened the house.


Very simple and non-destructive on its own layer!

Keep Learning

_3260032I attended Art Wolfe’s Photography as Art seminar the day before leaving for a Charleston springtime photo trip.  He covered many topics but I worked on finding and defining the negative space in images (rather than just concentrating on the subject) that he discussed.

Normally I shoot the live oak alley with all the azaleas at Magnolia Plantation (and I did those too) but actually like this different view.  I found a shape between the trees that reminded me of a temple and moved to frame the 3rd live oak.

I found my photography going along an exciting path while in Charleston working in this way.

Keep being inspired and learning from others!


Sailboat at Sunset

I photographed this sailboat at sunset a few years ago on the Outer Banks. It was such a peaceful scene but I’ve never really had the same feeling I had that evening. (see original below)

Today I brought it back to Photoshop and used a cooling filter and now feel the serenity I felt that evening.

You may have some favorites on your computer worth revisiting too!


Sailboat at Sunset original