Sunflowers at Dix Park

What a fun morning.  Get there early and the light is wonderful and the fields are full of sunflowers and buds!  Such fun with friends at this special place.


Holy Name of Jesus Christ Cathedral


Sanctuary with 8mm Fish Eye Lens




Gorgeous painting with shadows to accent.




Stunning arches on both sides of sanctuary.


Statue with Portrait Mode on iPhone.

I was fortunate to have time in this beautiful cathedral this morning to photograph.



Lighting adjustments





I photographed this little house at Brookgreen Gardens recently in midday light.  The flowers that frame the scene were quite bright and the house darker than I wanted. In just a few minutes I created the image I had in mind, highlighting the house.

Open Image and crop if desired

Add new layer – create new layer icon on Layers pallet next to garbage can

Edit – Fill – 50% gray and change the Blending Mode to Overlay

Clicked on the brush and using black and white paint on the 50% gray layer I darkened around the edges and brightened the house.


Very simple and non-destructive on its own layer!

Keep Learning

_3260032I attended Art Wolfe’s Photography as Art seminar the day before leaving for a Charleston springtime photo trip.  He covered many topics but I worked on finding and defining the negative space in images (rather than just concentrating on the subject) that he discussed.

Normally I shoot the live oak alley with all the azaleas at Magnolia Plantation (and I did those too) but actually like this different view.  I found a shape between the trees that reminded me of a temple and moved to frame the 3rd live oak.

I found my photography going along an exciting path while in Charleston working in this way.

Keep being inspired and learning from others!


Sailboat at Sunset

I photographed this sailboat at sunset a few years ago on the Outer Banks. It was such a peaceful scene but I’ve never really had the same feeling I had that evening. (see original below)

Today I brought it back to Photoshop and used a cooling filter and now feel the serenity I felt that evening.

You may have some favorites on your computer worth revisiting too!


Sailboat at Sunset original


Quiet Thoughts

_3210011What a glorious morning!  Light snow falling as Spring tries to come forth. My power went out along with all the sounds of the house. So I sat by an open window near my dogwood and bird feeders to take in the sights and sounds of the outdoors.  This wasn’t about taking a fabulous photo… it was about embracing the moment.

I wrote down some thoughts and took a few photos but mostly just enjoyed the serenity.


A feeling of disappointment came over me when I heard everything chug back on and the stillness was gone. My posts are usually about technique and such but perhaps this is the most important one… take time to sit in the silence and just take in all that Nature offers.


PS  I post every weekend but just didn’t have anything in particular that I thought was worth bothering your inbox this past weekend.  Now I am glad I waited and hope you appreciate these thoughts.  And I am happy to have power back of course!