Many photographers and photo instructors say that there are too many flower photographs and they are overdone. I disagree!  Whenever around flowers I feel such a joy inside. Each one is a little miracle and they all have individual characteristics.

I love learning about flowers and trying to capture them in different moods such as this daylily sticking through a fence. I added a texture and some text to use as a greeting card.


Texture Tip

Belle Fleur Textures has beautiful collections of textures but also a couple of very nice tutorials. She offers a great way of reducing the texture on your main subject but still leaving the color tint so the image goes together nicely.  Check it out!

Go to and click on FREE Tutorials – The Blur Method. Check out all Cheryl’s textures too… love the Fairy Garden collection!

New Greeting Card

_1030425. edgejpgPHOTO

I took this image into OnOne Effects 10 – Spring.  The edging is done by using a brush in Photoshop… preferable an irregular brush, not a hard or soft circular. At 56% opacity, I painted with white around the sides which gives a soft edge. This is actually a watercolor brush. You can add to the default brushes by searching on the web for specialty brushes. There are many free ones. I often look at


I have kept adding to a file of quotes for many years.  Some are my own thoughts… others are from additional sources.

Then I added the text in Photoshop using the text tool.  You can find many free fonts online too. One site I like is:

I love the creative process with cards… but even more the joy to share with others!




Slow Shutter


Circular motion, handheld.


There are so many ways to use a slow shutter speed for creative effects. Today  I set up a white piece of foamcore behind some flowers held by a plamp.


Up and down, texture overlay


Then I moved the camera handheld up, down, around… all different motions.

You get all different effects. Since I enjoy creating greeting cards, I did some where I had plenty of white space too.


I also put the camera on a tripod and moved the flower with my hand in some of the images.  Generally I’m shooting at 100 ISO with 1/3 second and f/8. My lighting was from an overhead tungsten bulb and two softboxes’ modeling lights… no flash.


Square Greeting Cards

Double ScrollIrisSquare cards

Red River Paper has greeting card stock of 10.5 x5.25 that is 5.25 x 5.25 folded. The square format gives you extra possibilities in cropping and adding corner flourishes (see example).

My greeting card online class shows you many ways to take photographs especially for cards, how to work with text, and Photoshop techniques. for details

When sending a square card, I use the 5.25 x 7.25 envelope which is normal postage. If you use square envelopes, there is a 20 cent surcharge as they do not go through the USPS machine.  At least that is my understanding of the surcharge.


Thank you for following my blog where you have seen many entries about greeting card design and other information. I offer a class online that will show you ways to make truly unique cards. Following is the outline for the class with information on sign up. It has 4 lessons and can be done at your own pace.



Sign up at

 $75 for full course with critiques and ability to send questions

$45 to receive all the materials but no assignment critiques or interaction

Brighten your day and everybody else’s too with your own specially designed greeting cards. This course uses screen shots from Photoshop Elements 12 and will work for users of Photoshop CS, CC and Elements 9 and above versions.

You will receive all 4 lessons upon ordering the class.

Lesson 1 – BEGINNINGS starts with a discussion of the benefits of greeting cards. There are ideas for occasions and subjects, formatting, resizing for cards, and organizing your files. You will learn the basics of shooting for cards.

Lesson 2 – PHOTO TECHNIQUES explains all the elements of shooting great cards. It’s easy to just drag and drop an image you already have into a card template, but to make great cards, it is best to plan your shoot. This includes light, composition, creating a mood, brainstorming exercise, impact of color and exposure plus panoramic triptychs.

Lesson 3 – TEXT will give you lots of instruction and ideas for choosing and placing your text along with styling tips. You will also find places to research quotes.

Lesson 4 – PHOTOSHOP is based on using Elements 12 but will work for and version in the CS, CC or Elements 9 and up family. You will learn many ways to enhance your photos with borders, filters, making your own templates and more!

See some of my cards on my website: and click on Greeting Cards


Font Outline

Original Word


Outline a Font

Sometimes you want just the outline of your letters, especially on greeting cards. One word says it all!

In Photoshop type your word or words with a bold font like Cooper Std Blk.

Select your letters with the Magic Wand tool and Contiguous unchecked on the top toolbar so one click selects all the letters.

Font Outline Final

Outlined Letters

Click twice on your Text layer and the Layer Style dialog box will come up. Highlight the Stroke option, adjust the size of the stroke and click on the Color square to choose an outline color. Click the OKs.

With the Text still selected, slide the Fill to 0% on the Layers palette.

Deselect and you have just the outline.

Font Screen


Serenity Prayer Greeting Card

Serenity Prayer

I visited a waterlily garden this weekend and found many beautiful lilies. I felt this would make a nice greeting card with the Serenity Prayer. The basic post-processing is listed below. I have 2 ebooks on greeting card design and an online class for learning creative ways to enhance your photos on cards including camera technique and post-processing.

Basic Steps for this card

1.Open new file of 5×7 @ 300dpi for your blank card.

2. Pick a nice texture image for the back ground and drag into file.

3. Choose your image and crop to 2×3 inches.

4. Select the image, Layer > Layer Style > Drop Shadow Light Angle 129 (Distance 15 Spread 14 Size 44 for this one) Multiply is the default blending mode.

5. Using the T type tool, type your verse or phrase. I used California FB Italic at 12pts and 24pts leading (between lines of text)

Greeting Card Design Online Class



Greeting cards have been my passion for many years and are so much fun for photographers and Photoshop users. My two ebooks on greeting cards have been popular and give a variety of techniques. So I developed this online class to cover all aspects of greeting card design and offer critiques on your assignments.

The Photoshop instruction shows screen captures from Elements 12, but any version above Elements 9 or Photoshop CS and CC versions will work fine. You can use any camera!


1 – Basics

2 – Shooting Techniques for cards

3 – Text Effects

4 – Photoshop Enhancements

See complete details at