Plant Delights

What a perfect name for Tony Avent’s beautiful nursery.  In addition to the many greenhouses and beautiful plants for sale, there is a pond surrounded by iris right now, two waterfalls and a peaceful wooded area.  Plant Delights is open to the public this weekend… try to make it out there!

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Happy Easter


I went to Fairview Garden Center today in Cary and found an amazing variety of plants and flowers!  What fun to just walk around and have so many to choose from. Also bought some Sunpatiens and Sunbushes for around my mailbox. Will wait until tomorrow to plant since we will be near freezing tonight.

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Also bought “Bloom Where You’re Planted” t-shirt at Kohl’s. My daughter-in-law mentioned it and just had to get a neighbor to take a photo.

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HAPPY EASTER to you all!

Plant Delights

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_1040685 Plant Delights in southern Wake County is one of the most beautiful garden nurseries I’ve seen. It is open to the public on select weekends throughout the year to see their plants and purchase from their greenhouses.  Today I found some nice subjects and saw friends from the Eastern Carolina region of the Carolinas’ Nature Photographers Assn.  Fun morning!

Cedar Creek Gallery

The diversity of interesting places in our area of North Carolina is amazing.  This week I was told about a little zoo called the Aloha Safari Zoo in Cameron.  I have not been there but you can look at their website:

Another friend took me to the Cedar Creek Gallery yesterday. Such a cool place in Creedmoor!  Their website is:

Here are some images of the various crafts and handmade goods.  In October they have glass blowing demonstrations which should be photo worthy.


Long tapers.


Pots on the mantel.


Glass dish.


Beautiful serving dish.


Containers on the stairs.


Glass balls outside.


Sun chair.


Flowers with barn.





Garden Visits


Beautiful Lotus

The garden is a place of joy and relaxation for me…and probably you as well. I spend a lot of time at the Raulston Arboretum either photographing for myself… for their website… or with students. But still, almost every time there is a new discovery and a moment in time to capture.

Found this hummingbird moth recently sitting still.. that was a first!


Hummingbird Moth

It is great to go to the same place frequently and really get to know the environment. Recently I found a lotus that was drooping but I was teaching and just grabbed one shot (with student permission) so I would remember to go back later. The next day all the petals had dropped and the moment was gone. But I took the top photo on my return visit.. equally beautiful lotus.

Once in awhile you come across something so captivating you lose all track of time and it gives you a break from all the chaos in the world. Nature of any kind is so therapeutic!