Calendar Layout Idea

BF-The Golden Goose

I wanted to create a unique calendar layout for 2017. I wanted to soften the photograph’s edges and give the quote its own way to stand out. By experimenting I came up with this fun technique and used it on my first 2017 calendar.  Be patient and take it slow… it will become easier with time!

Open image and drag onto background (smaller than the background)

To soften the photo’s edges, select the transparent background on the photo layer with the Magic Wand (W)

Select > Modify > Feather  (60 px on a 5×7 works well)

Ctrl/Cmd Shift I to invert the selection

Use Move (V) tool to drag the photo off the new soft edge frame

Now select the “frame” with the rectangular marquee (M) tool and press Ctrl/Cmd J to put the “frame” on its own layer. (this makes it much easier to make changes later)

Go back to the photo layer and select the soft frame again and Ctrl/Cmd X to Cut it out of that layer.

At this point I use the Text (T) tool to put a quote, poem or other words inside the soft frame which can be easily changed with the Transform tool (Ctrl/Cmd T)




NEW Set of Templates Ready!

kk_waterfront24                 Colored border

Pano Trio Oval

My newest set of greeting card templates includes 40 print-ready files (3 samples are shown above). Just add your photo in the grey area with Photoshop. It’s so easy and lots of fun! This set includes some previous layouts and many brand new ones for various occasions and everyday use.

Each file can be customized with your choice of wording, fonts and colors.

Complete instructions and the print templates are also included. A 5 x 7 card prints on a 10 x 7 card with a scored mark for folding. I get all my paper from Red River Paper and highly recommend them. Matching envelopes are also available from them. The majority of designs are for 5 x 7 cards, but also include some for notecards 4.25 x 5.5 and panorama cards 8 x 9.

You can order this set on my Products page:

Thank you for your business…  you are special!




Something new on my blog

Thank you for following my blog. I love hearing that different posts have given you ideas and inspiration.

I had an ecommerce site for my ebooks and other products, a separate website and this blog. WordPress offers so much versatility that I have now combined everything on this blog site.

So, you will still get notifications of all blog entries but by going to, you will initially see a small gallery of my images… plus a tab for the Blog and other features.

Very happy to have it all under one roof!!  (or web address as in this case)


Add Color Tint

I have learned a wonderful way to add a color tint to your pictures in Photoshop.

Open Original

Pine cone original


Add adjustment layer by using the button on your layers palette and choosing the first option called Solid Color. Don’t worry what color it chooses at first, just click OK. Change the blend mode to Soft Light.

Now double click on the color square on the new layer (which has a mask if you need it) and move your cursor in the Color Picker box that pops up to easily preview the effect on your image.


Praying Mantis


Devouring a butterfly.


Tasty flower.


Holding on!


Check out his leg holds.


In the bushes.

I had the pleasure of photographing at a private home this morning full of butterflies, dragonflies and even this spectacular praying mantis. We saw him with a butterfly which was quite a site. All part of nature.

NEW Lightroom Dehaze

A group of my CNPA friends mentioned a new feature in the latest Lightroom upgrade 9.1 It is called Dehaze and is found in the Develop module under Effects.

According to Adobe: The feature helps eliminate fog and haze from photos to create “startlingly clear images.”