Lighting adjustments





I photographed this little house at Brookgreen Gardens recently in midday light.  The flowers that frame the scene were quite bright and the house darker than I wanted. In just a few minutes I created the image I had in mind, highlighting the house.

Open Image and crop if desired

Add new layer – create new layer icon on Layers pallet next to garbage can

Edit – Fill – 50% gray and change the Blending Mode to Overlay

Clicked on the brush and using black and white paint on the 50% gray layer I darkened around the edges and brightened the house.


Very simple and non-destructive on its own layer!

Brookgreen Gardens

I just spent a few days in Myrtle Beach and visited Brookgreen Gardens.  Brookgreen is on the south side of Myrtle near Litchfield and is well worth a visit. It has acres of gardens, many sculpture pieces, plus a new butterfly house and zoo.

The live oak alley is inspiring and almost overwhelming due to the pure size of these trees.

Brookgreen is across the street from Huntington Beach State Park, which includes the house built by the Huntingtons and was occupied until 1947. It was heavily influenced by the Spanish castles Archer had visited. The home was built in 1931 and is called Atalaya, a Spanish term for watchtower. The house has 50 rooms and 2 courtyards in a rectangular shape.  Mr. Huntington, wanting to provide work opportunities for community residents during the Great Depression, insisted that local labor be utilized in its construction.